Hello JSS Families,

I want to take a moment and thank you for making it through yesterday.  All of us involved in ensuring the well-being of students are reminded of just how precious life can be on days like that.  We are thankful that the incident off campus didn't turn into a worst-case scenario.  I am especially grateful for the support our District Office provided as well as the actions of our JSS staff, everyone acted quickly to protect our school community.  Finally, parents and students also did a great job following directions and then returning to school after the lockdown was lifted.  Great job JSS community!


Sorry for the delay…here are  OUR THREE NUGGETS 


 Nugget #1  - Golden Tickets

We began using our Golden Ticket rewards system last Friday and it has been an incredible success.  We had over 200 Golden Tickets passed out on Friday!  Students are being recognized all over campus for being RAMTASTIC.  Specifically we are calling out when we see them being Respectful, Accepting, Motivated and/or Safe.  Students bring their GT to the office where they are placed in a Pot of Gold where we will draw from for weekly and monthly prizes.  Don't forget, students keep the top portion of the ticket to share with families, hopefully you’ve seen them!


 Nugget #2  - Progress Reports

We are in the process of mailing out progress reports this week.  Remember, you are able to view your student’s progress online by logging into your AERIES account.  We mail out copies as a courtesy and you should see them by the end of next week.


 Nugget #3  - JSS Fall Athletics Teams

Here’s a shout out to our Fall Athletic Teams, Cross country and Volleyball.  We’re so glad that we have the opportunity to participate this year.  Our students are doing great!  Go Rams!


ONGOING - Minimum Day Reminder

Our next minimum day is WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28.  Students are dismissed at 1:15pm.


Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns.  We are here for you! 


Rich Sullivan, Principal