Our Three Nuggets - 8/29/22

Our Three Nuggets - 8/29/22

Hello JSS Families,

Our staff theme this year is "Go For the Gold" 

Establishing a theme for the year helps us focus on what's important and guides our work.  No matter what the theme is, we are always devoted to keeping students at the center of all we do.  For this to happen, we can't get bogged down in the details or try to do so much that we never really accomplish anything.  To help keep our focus on what's important, each staff member identified a main thing they want to work on and accomplish for the year.  As a result, these main things represent the
 "Gold" we are all going for.

We believe providing clear communication, listening to feedback, and engaging staff, students, families and our community is crucial to student success. In order to keep you well informed and included in our work, we will be sending out a weekly message that is simple and focused on what's most important.  We call it our "Three Nuggets"  and this is our first edition!

Nugget #1 
Back to School Night - Our Back TSchool Night for ALL GRADES is Wednesday, September 7 from 5:30-6:30pm.  BTSN is primarily for Parents and Guardians to meet the teacher and learn about what the class has in store for the year.  Your students' teachers will be sending more information home soon.

Students DO NOT need to attend.  However, if leaving them home isn't an option, we will provide limited supervision on the playground.  Please let your teacher know if you will be able to attend without students.

Nugget #2 - Student Handbook Focus Groups
We are in the process of updating our student handbook.  The handbook includes policies and procedures as well as a lot of important information to help families and students be successful throughout the year.   We believe including students in this process is important, so this week we will be conducting student focus group meetings to hear what they think should be included.  We anticipate sharing a rough draft at BTSN to give families a chance to chime in as well. 

Nugget #3 - Minimum Day Reminder

Our first minimum day went very smoothly, thank you everyone!  This is a reminder that our next minimum day is WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 31.  Students are dismissed at 1:15pm.

I hope the first week went well and this message helps prepare you for a great week!  Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns. 

We are here for you!


Rich Sullivan, Principal