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Long-Term Independent Study

Independent Study Program (TK-8) is an alternative education program which helps students stay enrolled and connected to school. Our students meet the same requirements for standards, benchmarks and promotion as do students enrolled in daily attendance schools throughout the district. As an alternative to comprehensive classroom instruction, we offer an instructional strategy to assist students who choose to be educated at home. Students, parents, and teachers work as a team to respond to the student’s specific educational needs, interests, aptitude, and abilities within the confines of state law and YUSD school board policy. Active participation by each member of the team is necessary to facilitate a successful educational experience for the student. Not all pupils make good candidates for this instructional strategy. Students who are successful in Independent Study are self-motivated, able to work independently, and adept with reading and comprehension skills.

It is the mission of the Yreka Union School District to provide each student with a safe, caring and supportive atmosphere which will foster the intellectual, emotional, and social growth necessary to become a productive and responsible citizen who accepts cultural differences. All parents, students, teachers and staff are part of a supportive team helping children develop personal, educational, social and ethical values.

Renee McKay

Renee McKay

Renee McKay

Teacher, LTIS

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