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About Us

Rich Sullivan


Welcome to the Yreka Union School District!  I am thankful to be able to lead the work taking place in our schools and am excited to be a part of this wonderful community.  I grew up in a rural town, much like Yreka, where our high school represented the community.  That’s where I learned the value of hard work and the collaborative nature of a community.  Sometimes growth is messy and it’s only achieved by creating shared goals, welcoming differing opinions, listening to all viewpoints, and engaging in meaningful discussions.  I also learned that trust is something built and nurtured by all parties involved, it's not simply accomplished, it must be grown and cared for.  

These same lessons have served me well throughout my 28 years in education.  I have worked hard to establish relationships with the individuals I support through a collaborative coaching model, focused on providing inspiration, nurturing aspirational beliefs, and building capacity for leading others.  This work always keeps students at the center and it's wrapped around the goal of growing student achievement by ensuring our students feel safe and are empowered to thrive.

My experiences have helped shape and define my core beliefs, beginning with the most important...students are the reason our work exists!!  It's a gift to be able to help parents in raising their children.  The work of the district must always exemplify this and my role as superintendent is to support and promote this belief.  

We're working to make YUSD the "happiest place on earth" for everyone involved.  I know it is for me!

Rich Sullivan, Superintendent

District Office Staff