• Fines & Fees

  • Students are responsible for all items checked out to them from the school. 

    This includes library books, textbooks, chromebooks, chromebook chargers, hot spots, locker locks and instruments.  

  • Library Books & Textbooks:

    If items are lost, students are responsible for the cost of replacing a book or textbook.  If they are returned damaged, the student will be fined according to damage assessed (ie. written in, torn pages, damaged cover, etc.) 

  • Chromebooks, Charge Cords & Hotspots:

    Students are responsible for chromebooks, charge cords and/or hotspots checked out to them.  If a student looses any of said items, they will be held financially responsible for the replacement of said item. Students will also be held accountable for damages that occur while in student's possession and will be fined accordingly (ie. broken screens, missing keys, external damage, etc)

    Students will also be charged fines if chromebooks have been written on with pencil, pen or sharpie.  Stickers are also not allowed on chromebooks.  Chromebooks that come back with stickers may be charged a fine to remove stickers and sticky residue stickers leave behind. Fines will be determined based on the amount of stickers or writing on said chromebook.