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Mission & Philosophy


It is the mission of the Yreka Union School District to provide each student with a safe, caring and supportive atmosphere which will foster the intellectual, emotional, and social growth necessary to become a productive and responsible citizen who accepts cultural differences. All parents, students, teachers and staff are part of a supportive team helping children develop personal, educational, social and ethical values.


Bullying Incident Report

Please note: Anonymous reports are accepted however they must provide sufficient evidence to justify the commencement of an investigation. Formal disciplinary action may not be based solely on an anonymous complaint.

Click the button below to report a bullying incident.

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YUSD Comprehensive School Safety Plans

On September 27, 2018, Governor Brown signed into law Assembly Bill 1747 School Safety Plans. You will find AB 1747External link opens in new window or tab. on the California Legislative Information web page. Key provisions of California Education Code (EC) include requiring local educational agencies (LEAs) and the California Department of Education (CDE) to include and post requirements for new content and procedures in the Comprehensive School Safety Plans (CSSPs), which have been implemented.

The law requires the California Department of Education (CDE) to develop and post on its website best practices for reviewing and approving school safety plans. In 2020–21 the CDE implemented a statewide survey of local educational agencies (LEAs), school safety administrators, and stakeholders to gather information on current practices, challenges, and resources to assist in developing this content. The state and federal guidance and resources below are provided to assist LEAs in reviewing and approving Comprehensive School Safety Plans (CSSPs). Guidance includes recommendations from the California State Auditor (CSA) Report 2016-136 School Violence Prevention. The CSA Report 2016-136 School Violence Prevention can be found on the CSA’s web pageExternal link opens in new window or tab..

The California Constitution guarantees California children the right to attend public schools that are safe, secure, and peaceful. The CDE, public school districts, county offices of education (COEs), and schools and their personnel are responsible for creating learning environments that are safe and secure. First responders, community partners, and families play an essential role, as well. Schools must be prepared to respond to emergencies including natural and man-made hazards, and strive to prevent violence and behavior issues that undermine safety and security. CSSPs include strategies aimed at the prevention of, and education about, potential incidents involving crime and violence on the school campus and aspects of social, emotional, and physical safety for both youth and adults.



YUSD Comprehensive Safety Plan (CSSP) is available upon request. Please contact the Office of Superintendent with the information below:

Yreka Union School District Office
309 Jackson Street
Yreka, CA 96097
Phone: (530) 842-1168
Fax: (530) 842-4576

News & Announcements

Mindful March

Focus your attention on the good thanks you take for granted.

Choose to spend less time looking at screens today.

Appreciate nature around you, wherever you are.

Notice when you're tired and take a break as soon as possible.

Choose a different route today and see what you notice.


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December Board Brief

Meeting Date: December 12, 2023

Good evening,

Here is the December “Board Brief”.  The goal of this is to give a quick recap after the board meetings for anyone who could not attend. We will give an update on pertinent information and also let you know about any student and staff recognitions for the month.  Enjoy!

The amazing students that were recognized this month were:

Neena Jerry-Neena is kind, responsible, accepting and patient. She is always working quietly in class, volunteers to read aloud, answer questions and is involved in our class discussions. Neena is quick to finish her work and always lending a helping hand to those that need it. She is a good and loyal friend with a strong moral compass. Neena makes those around her feel safe, secure and important.  She is a gifted and serious actor that is always kind, polite, and organized.  She has a bright future ahead!

Melany Buckley-Melany is excelling academically and socially, she has a natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.  She is able to work independently on tasks with little to no guidance.  Melany is a positive role model for all.  She shows compassion and inclusiveness by sharing, including others in play, and checking on friends when they are sad or hurt. 

Julius Rodriguez-Julius always comes to school with a smile on his face!  He has a positive influence on his peers through his hard work and kindness,  Julius is an amazing student socially and academically.  He is a classmate you can always count on.  

The talented and dedicated employees that were recognized this month were:

Amber O’Reilly- Ms. O’Reilly was selected as our staff member of the month by our leadership team. Ms. O’Reilly is a team player - always willing to be flexible and take on extra for the good of the whole. Ms. O’Reilly has been building a STEM program for our school from the ground of this year; it is our most popular elective! She is kind hearted and has a true passion for education, working with students, and science. We are fortunate to have her on our team! 

Jamie Tanner- Jamie exemplifies the qualities of passion, commitment and compassion that go above and beyond the call of duty.  Her ability to connect with students on a personal level sets a shining example for us all.  The genuine care and concern demonstrated daily have not only created a safe haven for our students but have also fostered an atmosphere where learning becomes a joyous and empowering experience.  Thank you, Jamie, for creating a harmonious work environment for the entire staff.  

Ana Lisa de la Fuente- Ana Lisa’s genuine passion for supporting our students goes beyond the realm of duty; it is a calling.  She has shown a remarkable ability to connect with our diverse student body while embracing each child’s unique strengths and challenges with warmth and empathy.  One of Ana Lisa’s greatest strengths lies in her ability to create a nurturing and inclusive space where every student feels comfortable seeking support.  She understands that education is not confined to textbooks and classrooms; it is a holistic experience that requires emotional and social support.  Thank you, Ana Lisa!

The Annual Organizational Meeting is held in December, this is where the President, Clerk and Secretary are voted in or appointed.

By unanimous vote the Board President is Florrine Super.

By unanimous vote the Board Clerk is Nicole Talley.

By Board appointment the Secretary is Rich Sullivan, the Superintendent.

The Action Items that were unanimously approved were:

Approving the minutes from from November 14, 2023 Regular Board Meeting

Approving the minutes from November 30, 2023 Special Board Meeting

Approving Invoices for Payment

Accepting resignations from three classified staff members

Approving Surplus Items


Have a great evening!

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